Start Ups

Helping You Move from Vision to Action

I facilities start up business owners to develop their vision into achievable action... by asking the essential ‘Why’ questions.

The focus at the beginning of any new venture is to understand the motivations of both the individual and their business goals, by identifying from the outset the intended impact, and designing value propositions to meet the intended aspiration.

I can help you:

  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Empathise with your customers and prototype solutions to meet their needs
  • Build business models to help you design strategy that will drive innovation
  • Build entrepreneurial communications
  • Harness additional resources and support by sharing professional networks and brokering enterprise support agency introductions.

Supporting graduate entrepreneurs, to articulate concepts and develop realist propositions in developing their business.

Facilitating individuals and top teams to scope, design and implement growth strategies, realised by discreet projects.

Designing and delivering Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity within the curriculum for graduates & post-graduates.

Developing Entrepreneurial Learning and Enterprise Education

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Conversations With Purpose
Facilitating Entrepreneurship

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