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Wendy Parvin

Wendy Parvin


Founder of Conversations With Purpose in 2006.

My work in often translating academic knowledge into useful tools and tactics for the small business or sole trader. Knowledge is power and a crucial resource to future proof organisations as fit to thrive in the 21st century.

Business development is a social process and building small businesses relies heavily in the effective leadership of the owner manager and their top team. I encourage clients to work with a collaborative mindset to extend their resources and support. Creative confidence is at the heart of successful entrepreneurship… everyone can build innovation capacity and practice it everyday to achieve professional and business growth.


I design and deliver entrepreneurship training and development programmes, with specific expertise in mentoring. I work within higher education, the third sector, and the commercial business arena.

I have a successful track record at home and abroad, representing UK best practice in Europe, the Middle East, and SE Asia. I facilitate both individuals and teams to create ventures that inspire them, creating them a sustainable income, and ultimately, making a positive impact within their community.

My approach is practical and pragmatic, with the intention to empower people, to be proactive in co-creating enterprising opportunities and to gain the skills needed to take ownership and lead sustainable growth.

Newcastle University Business School - Small Business Management & Marketing Module Teaching

Supporting graduate entrepreneurs, to articulate concepts and develop realist propositions in developing their business.

Facilitating individuals and top teams to scope, design and implement growth strategies, realised by discreet projects.

Designing and delivering Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity within the curriculum for graduates & post-graduates.

Developing Entrepreneurial Learning and Enterprise Education

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